DIY Matte Black Emblems


This is my commuter buddy before Brendan did the emblems. I love my Lexus IS 250. She looks pretty sweet before, huh?

I love the look the matte black emblems have, but upwards of $200 from the dealer? Uh huh. No.

So get this stuff. It’s called Plasti Dip. You can get it anywhere from online to Walmart. It’s not cheap though… about $10, but you’re saving about $190.


This stuff is great because you don’t have to be crazy with your prep-work. If you get it on your paint or anywhere else, it simply peels off. You don’t even have to take your emblems off. Score.


Clean the area and mask off around the emblem. Use newspaper to avoid overspray in any areas. When I say mask off around the emblem, I mean make a square or rectangle around it. You will be able to easily peel off around the emblem.

Spray 2-3 coats of paint about six inches away and waiting about 15 minutes to dry between coats. Wait an hour.

Now the fun begins. Unmask. The plastic paint simply peels off the paint and sticks to the emblem. Be careful peeling around the letters and numbers, you may need to use a pick. Just be sure not to scratch your paint.

Sorry I don’t have a many photos of the process. This was the hubby’s project I’m sharing 😃

And after:





Thanks for checking out my blog! Let me know what you think! I need to take some decent photos of the car after. 😊



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