DIY Distressed Display Letters


Seeing all the informative posts on Pinterest on distressing those big letters gave me the courage to try it on my own. And with Walmart now selling big wood letters at $1.97 each, it was a cheap adventure.

All you need for this craft: 

 -2 different colors craft paint (one will be your bottom coat that will show through slightly, one will be your top coat) 

-big wood letters (Walmart, $1.97) 

-duct tape 

 It was seriously super easy. All I did was buy 97 cent craft paint at Walmart and go to town.


The first thing I did was paint my first coat. This is the coat that will be shown through the ‘distress’ of the top coat. 


I chose a dull gold. I waited about 5 minutes before I painted my top coat. I chose black. 


 I dried the paint quickly with my hair dryer. Immediately after the paint no longer appeared ‘wet’, I applied the duct tape, pressed firmly, and ripped it off all over the letter in sheets. This is my outcome: 

I’m pleasantly pleased with the result.   

  Very ‘vintage’! I also did the letter H with no base coat, so that the wood just showed through.  

 Feeling both very confident and creative at this point, I also did an oar I found for $5 at a garage sale.   

 What an easy and inexpensive way to distress decor peices! 

Thanks for checking out my blog! 



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