About me


Welcome to My Rook Nest! My name is Danielle Hughson, but most people just call me Dani. This blog is about my life… the joy of living.

I’m an avid DIYer who loves to learn and share new creative cheats at life! From simple paper crafts to building epic pieces of furniture, (or at least what I depict as epic!) I’m down to learn it all and share my knowledge.

I am a humble cook. I mean VERY humble. My father, being the incredible cook he is, would be ashamed of all my shortcuts! (Just kidding, he’s very accepting of my lazy nature ;-)) Whenever I find a delicious recipe, I love to cheat it down into a simpler, but still tasty, version. Who has all that time, anyway?!

I definitely live a very happy, humble life. Life would not be quite the same without my better half, my inspiration, my everything. My husband Brendan puts up with all my crazy, insane, and new ideas. He EVEN helps me with most of them! Thank goodness he’s very handy!


We were married in August 2012 after knowing each other for almost 8 years.

We both work full-time, I as a preschool teacher and he as a Regional Sales Director at a marketing and website design company. We both love our jobs! A little less than a year after marriage, my biggest dream besides marrying him came true. After a long 5 months of anticipation, we purchased our fist home at a short sale. Not so short, huh? It was all worth it in the end, though, and the home has become our labor of love. Our home is in a rural community about 50 miles north of Los Angles in the Angeles National Forest.
We enjoy the comforts of the quiet, rural life… but being close enough to the city is sometimes convenient.

I hope you enjoy my blog! It is also a labor of love. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments! I love hearing from you all and appreciate your time. If you enjoy any posts, please feel free so share or pin! Thanks!

-Dani ⭐️


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