Budget Vs. Bust: PB Moss Initial Wreath


When I fist saw these initial wreaths at Pottery Barn, I was in love. Okay, I know, that happens a lot to me when I go to Pottery Barn. Fair enough. But the $79 price tag was pretty steep. I’ve seen a lot of DIYers make very cute versions on Pinterest. It takes a little bit of time though, so when I saw these at abcdistributing.com for $10, I was sold!


Happy New Year to me! And to you. I’ll let you know the quality of it when I get it in the mail.



Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Both of the bathrooms in our house had those cheesy metal medicine cabinets that are built into the wall. I didn’t take any before photos, but I bet you all get the ugly visual. My incredibly talented and imaginative husband told me he could simply build a box and make it a small built-in. Bring it baby.

This is what it looked like when we took them out.



And guest:


So he simply measured both (they were actually a little different) and bought a sheet of MDF wood from Home Depot. He also got trim for the outside of the box and a strip of 90 degree trim to hold up the shelves. He cut, nailed, and liquid nailed them in. I caulked.


I measured for shelves (two per cabinet) and had four shelves made at the glass shop with beveled edges. They were $10 each. Then I painted the entire cabinet and trim a bright white. So far he finished the guest bathroom’s cabinet, but ran out of trim and steam to finish the master. I’ll keep you posted😉

Here’s the guest bathroom’s finished cabinet:


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DIY Chalkboard Laundry Closet

These unsightly doors were haunting me as soon as we moved in. Well, they really aren’t THAT unsightly, but I knew right away I wanted to give them a special POP since they were right off the kitchen and could be seen from the den. I’m brave like that.

I’ve been seeing all sorts of interesting chalkboard ideas on Pinterest. This one especially caught my eye:


What I great place to add little notes and such. So off to Walmart I went and purchased this Disney black chalk paint. Disney AND paint!! Two of my most favorite things! It was about $10.


Then I measured and taped off with some Frog Tape the last owner of our house left. That tape rules above all other tapes!


Then I roller-painted away. It’s a good quality paint, so I only had to do two coats. Pull off the tape when the paint is still wet.

Then I added these pretty little gray faux glass knobs I found in the $1.50 bin at Michael’s. Never underestimate the dollar bins at Michael’s.


And the finished product. Laundry is so much more fun now! Just kidding! But I do love the pop of contrast 😊


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DIY Personalized Front Door Mat


I believe this beautiful designer doormat is from Horchow. They literally start at $95. I’m sorry, but $95 is not in my budget for a doormat. It is beautiful though. There’s something about personalized items that seem so homey to me. So I saved this photo of the designer doormat in my phone and called it a day.

While out shopping at The Dollar Tree one day, I spotted these neat little stencils. If they aren’t there anymore, I know I’ve seen something similar at Michael’s.


Then I found a plain $7 cocoa doormat at Walmart. Creative juices were flowing.

Unfortunately, I got carried away and didn’t take photos of the process. I pretty much just measured all my letters out and cut out the inserts with a exacto. I taped them all down and sprayed a couple coats of a rubber-based black rattle can paint.


I also used this pant to give my Lexus emblems a cool ‘flat black’ look. The dealer wanted over $200 for the matte black emblem kit. Kiss my fanny dealer. You can check out my emblems here.

So here’s my finished product. I’m thinking if you have a digital paper cutter, (i.e. Cricut) it would be a cleaner look to cut out your name on a vinyl sticker and press into your mat for less over-spray.


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